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Our Story – A Corporate Journey

New Horizon was founded over a decade back by our honourable CEO, Mr. Shoaib Abdullah.
It all started with New Horizon for training & certifications in Saudi Arabia.

New Horizon for Trainings

The inception of New Horizon was with the Trainings. Knowledge & experience is the key to success of any business. We at New Horizon trainings assist you in accomplishing it by conducting in-house, corporate onsite trainings. The touch we add to your accomplishments is the “QUALITY”, CONTENT, CONCEPTS, PRESENTATION & APPROACH to success, that keeps you above & ahead of the rest. Our trainings compliment the Nationalization program of Saudi Arabia, the trainings undertaken will provide placement programs.

New Horizon for Exhibition & Conferences

With the rapid growth in training sector, New Horizon gained popularity & reputation in the shortest span of time throughout KSA. Taking leap on the second “MILESTONE” New Horizon ventured into Exhibitions & Conferences for creating and professionally managing innovative and Knowledge based events but without limiting into different areas of the events industry. This further helped us being the renowned market players.

New Horizon is an entity with a team of thorough professionals from the relevant industry who’ve joined hands with their tremendous experiences that gave rise to the Events Division under the banner of NEW HORIZON with a “cut above the shoulder “ as the major market players who have successfully implemented event projects locally and internationally have come together addressing their offering to meet the business needs without compromising on the “Quality of Service” & keeping in the view the Vision 2030.

New Horizon is regarded as one of KSA’s most respected and reliable event management companies, delivering a wide range of events for businesses and organisations in the corporate and government sectors.

Continuing Journey

New Horizon for PR & Communications

New Horizon continues its journey to accomplish the next “MILESTONE” heading to capitalize in the field of PR & Communications. New Horizon is a well distinguished & a prominent entity with an outstanding success gained over a period of years with a significant growth in the events industry. Our presence reverberates throughout the Kingdom and beyond for the astute portrayal of perceptive thoughts and skills. These key strengths enabled New Horizon to envision farther to explore and render services with our intense team of ambassadors as a front-end force to penetrate, present & represent with the class of the art PR & Communication skills & as subject matter experts the amalgamation of skills & experience the deliverables are astounding on the subject with steadfastness & high accuracy. The nucleus of our business is attention to details, focus, tools & tactics, profound representation. The whole process encompasses through a decorous process of initiate, plan, present, implement & close of the project The objective to be accomplished will be well defined in the process. noticeability & contentment is the key factor in our deliverables. Our network represents the biggest brands, events, businesses of KSA. A blend of passion, dedication & unmatched story telling skills to create extraordinary results is oriented.

Public Relations, Marketing Campaigns, Digital Marketing Services

Our Approach

We believe in the “Excellence” approach. We plan events, which are tailor-made to achieve success and share knowledge.


TRUST is the factor that leads to be a reliable source at NH, we provide you the solace to entrust in us for everything that we offer and educate, with the assurance that you will be an outstanding individual.


OWNERSHIP is something that not every individual has, the capability to be accountable for and comply to. We believe in proactive communication to keep our clients well informed, we take total ownership & adhere in delivering beyond what is being promised.

Client Satisfaction

QUALITY leads to smile on the client’s face depicts the satisfaction. At New Horizon we focus on measuring Client Satisfaction, because we believe that ‘Quality’ is the secret for Client retention and eventually achieve success.


At New Horizon we are flexible and adapt to new situations. We are well equipped to the last-minute changes and additions from the clients. We take these changes in stride and work accordingly to ensure the uninterrupted workflow & eventually the success of the project.